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GotoNorway.no has existed since 2019, we have seen the need to roll up our sleeves in 2020/21, when the plague is ravaging. Travel lovers desire to get out and see the world. The suppliers long for costumers and GotoNorway.no have a bigger role to play, now than ever. GotoNorway.no want to help travelers find a great destination so they can get the most out of their vacation, at a fair price.

Our Mission

Norway has always been a favorite destination for people who love nature and wildness. Our goal is to help more people discover Norwegian natural gems. We work to ensure that you have the best Norwegian holiday. Culture, art, nature and experiences in Norway that you can remember as a very good experience for years. That is our goal and what we long to do every day.




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"The joy of traveling and experiencing new things gives you a new perspective and inspiration in everyday life. You can get motivation to do new things when you come home from travel. The joy of traveling and creating memories for life is my motivation for running this website."



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