Seafood experiences in Norway

Fresh Seafoods

bring the persons you love the most. Take precautions, be careful. Forget about stress and come to enjoy a moment. Social activities bring people together. Keep the good feelings, and keep a safe distance.


1. Reindeer Sledding

When you have the opportunity to get a sledding trip in awesome nature with real reindeers. There can`t be reason to say “no”. This is a childhood dream about to come true. You can fulfill that dream by pressing the button under.

2. Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a childhood dream about to come true. Dogs are full of energy and are eager to pull you and your loved ones over the snow for new adventures.

Saltstraumen, Bodø - småseifiske, sommernatt, Saltstraumbrua.

3. Cave tours

The thrill of entering a cave that has been virtually untouched by humans for centuries is enormous. When you have a professional guide who helps you find the exciting routes and roads inside the caves, it becomes extra tantalizing.

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