Sexy stays and fun things to do

Experience New Ways

Sexy stays when you are on holiday can be considered an essential part of the overall experience. When you are on holiday, then you are on holiday. Experiencing new ways of staying overnight is also part of the memories and what sticks for posterity. “Do you remember when we slept in a tree?” one might say in a few years ahead. Or “do you remember when we slept in cabins that were designed to fit into the landscape so that it felt like waking up in nature?”. Take the chance, book a sexy stay now.


1. Tree top cabin

Tree top cabin; hurry to book, these are incredibly popular and are quickly sold out. maybe you have to book a long time already.

2. Glamping

Glamping is a relatively new trend where you sleep in exciting surroundings surrounded by somewhat glamorous camping factors.

3. Cabins

It is very common to spend the night in a cabin in Norway. The cabins are mostly very usable, you can be many people in one cabin. you often get close to nature and when you live in a cabin for some time. Either a summer holiday or an autumn holiday, then you get time to lower your shoulders and enjoy life with those you have in life. Easter holidays and Christmas holidays are also time for cottage coziness in Norway.

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