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See the Northern lights. Guided tours in the north.

The Northern Lights create a special atmosphere and give a special feeling of being part of something bigger. There are many fun outdoor activities to do under the northern lights sky. We have made a small list to help you choose activities.

The Northern Lights are found above the dark winter sky, and are visible as long as there are no clouds in the sky. The strength of the Aurora Borealis is determined by the activity of the sun on the other side of the globe. You can enjoy the view to the north, and you can do all kinds of activities, and the northern lights will be with you. Here is an overview of other things you can do in the north under the northern lights sky.

Northern lights peeking on land

Most people think of mountains and plateaus when imagining the northern lights. Here you can find just such a tour where you have a guide who gives recommendations and assists during the experience.

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Northern lights peeking from the sea

Northern lights watching from the sea can provide a special experience since the light is reflected in the water. Sea air and waves make everything a memorable experience.

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Northern lights watching from streak

Northern lights watching from the streak, watching the northern lights dance across the dark sky with their vibrant, heavenly shades of green, pink and violet can be one of the most memorable experience ever.

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