Norwegian authorities took early action to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Shutdown in relevant areas where the infection occurred, and infection tracing has been important. Now the focus is to bring vaccine to people,to achieve immunity in the population.

The Norwegian government constantly has new updates on travel advice that must be followed. There are many restrictions. Theese pages in the link below are for the Norwegian authorities. FHI is constantly updating with information on how to behave in order to stay healthy and avoid infection. Theese sites are constantly updating on that topic. Go to this page shown below to find advieces. made a film to make the waiting time «shorter». Please subscribe to our youtube chanel. And we will aim to make more intresting videos and content. Sharing is caring.

While you wait in anticipation of covid-19 vaccines. We have made a small film… Please subscribe and share our content so that more people can follow and enjoy our posts in sosial media.
The film has some pictures from Norway and some beautiful nature from other places. Enjoy the movie while you wait for it to be possible to travel the world again. If you have been in some of theese places please comment in one of our sosial platforms. If any questions reguarding travels to Norway let us know and we migth made some answer either in a blogpost, youtube or some of our platforms.

Remember: most vendors of traveling services offer free cancellation if problems due to Covid-19 etc. Always remember to check this before ordering a trip. Some may require you to cancel some time in advance if you are not coming. For example, Dancenter has a free cancellation until 15 days before arrival in 2021. We will make a further information about this topic later.

Share, care and enjoy Norway.