This item has been put on hold to wait for a response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if it is allowed to sell.

Order your new face mask with the Norwegian flag at a dicount. The mask can be used all year round, but it is especially fun to wear the Norwegian flag on Constitution Day 17 May. You can place your order on our souvenir shop website

Get ca 10% discount on Norwegian flag masks with tekst. Use the code: cypn8ad7 when ordering. Our website is still under construction, including the souvenir shop, but in order for you to secure a flag mask for Constitution Day 17 May, we have opened up for you to order your mask now. Go in and order, it takes some time before our team gets the mask prepared and shipped to you. Feel free to purchase as many as you want, order for the whole family and celebrate National Day with the whole Norwegian people.

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The mask is not approved for medical use, but will still have some effect. The mask will not replace other covid-19 measures alone, but must be used together with other infection-preventing measures.
Depending on the country to which you order the mask, local taxes such as VAT or customs clearance may apply additional to the shippingcost.

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